Maintenance and Repair -

Maintenance and Repair


Maintenance, Repair and Renovation of Furnitures

The goods used for decorating and equipping of living areas for many different purposes are called furniture. Wooden furniture is often used in seats, tables, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, lockers, chairs or office equipments in your homes and workplaces. The furniture used may need to be repaired&maintained due to wearing, scratching, loosening and malfunction. The resulting wearing and malfunctions become annoying over time.

Arredo provides all of your furniture products that need maintenance&repair a whole new look with its experienced and expert team. Cabinet doors with broken hinges, broken table legs, furniture that need to be polished and painted are carefully renewed by Arredo without any cost such as having to buy a new one. Delaying malfunctions in your furniture might create new problems. Immediately correct any problems with your furniture so that you do not feel sorry and your life is not interrupted.