Döveç Made Children Smile

Döveç Group, one of the long-established companies of Northern Cyprus,  signed a social responsibility project. They made our lights of hope happy starting from the philosophy that our future is our children.

Under the leadership of Burçin Döveç, the Director of the Döveç Group, the needs of the children of families in need were met before the Feast of Sacrifice. Döveç Grup underlined that this is an activity rather than a social responsibility that should be done by everyone within their capability. She said that “the purpose of our feast is to share and to make our children happy.” They went there as a team and wholeheartedly supported this project. Before the upcoming the Feast of Sacrifice, a very spiritual project emerged.

Döveç Group, who wanted to give the message “while we are building the future for you, we have not forgotten our children”, had the happiness of being a part of this group.

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