Cyprus Kitchen

Cyprus Kitchen

Northern Cyprus has a wide menu with its own dishes. Molehiya, cube kebab, colakas, pirohu, pilavuna, stuffed chicken and the many others that we cannot count. For this reason, one of the places where women spend most of their time is the kitchen. When this is the case, kitchen design, equipment and furniture are very important.

Cyprus Kitchen & Design

Arredo has the necessary infrastructure and equipment to make cooking areas you dream of as the most beautiful place in your home. It is one of the best options in the TRNC with its facilities equipped with the latest technology, expert team and the structure that develops itself day by day. The main reasons why Arredo comes to mind when talking about Cyprus kitchen; your choices, the size of the environment, our interior designers, our industrial designers and our technical team taking part in the implementation phase who bring out the kitchen of your dreams with combining fashion and technology.  Arredo, operating within Döveç group, is shown as the best company who represent the corporate service concept in the sector.

Cyprus Kitchen Special Designs

A kitchen that is designed in accordance with your own tastes is the right of everyone. When deciding on your kitchen, our interior architects come to your house, the necessary measurements are taken and according to your priorities and the suggestions of the team the works are carried out. The design is worked in 3D in the computer environment and presented to the customer. After the necessary arrangements are made, the production phase is started. Afterwards, experts from Arredo Cyprus Kitchen Design team come and montage is done.

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