Cyprus Furniture

Combining furniture technique and art, sometimes making the environment useful, sometimes beautifying or decorating. Furniture may vary depending on the size or color of the space, but it can transform the environment into a cute, warm atmosphere. The right choice of furniture, especially in homes and offices, will have a […]

Cyprus Kitchen

Cyprus Kitchen Northern Cyprus has a wide menu with its own dishes. Molehiya, cube kebab, colakas, pirohu, pilavuna, stuffed chicken and the many others that we cannot count. For this reason, one of the places where women spend most of their time is the kitchen. When this is the case, […]

Döveç Made Children Smile

Döveç Group, one of the long-established companies of Northern Cyprus,  signed a social responsibility project. They made our lights of hope happy starting from the philosophy that our future is our children. Under the leadership of Burçin Döveç, the Director of the Döveç Group, the needs of the children of […]