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Different Solutions For Different Expectations

Arredo Kitchen and Furniture is one of the leading companies in the Kitchen and Furniture sector. Arredo Kitchen and Furniture; offers a variety of kitchen designs to choose from. Comfort and customer needs are the first priority of the company. We closely follow world trends and product interior design and we offer designs that appeal to every need and taste.

We use the highest quality brand hinges at the same standard of hinges used in worldwide projects. Our company uses railing drawer systems and we offer a variety of industrial hard surface worktops such as aluminum-fronted laminate, granite and varieties with alternative offers. Kitchens are designed according to the customer’s needs. The styles of kitchens we design are categorized as high-tech, modern with contemporary lines, classic and country. The different stages such as washing in the sink, cooking, food preparation, storage, refrigeration and the most important is the main function which is the eating area. The kitchens usually consist of cabinets with internal mechanism. In addition, a variety of models have been designed with interior accessories and lighting systems.